CAMP CEES  - Math, Science, and Reading Summer Enrichment Camp


LSU Ag Audubon Sugar Institute
4th-8th grader
This field trip is free to campers (4th-8th). Campers will visit the LSU Audubon Institute to observe the various processes in producing sugar and carbohydrate products that will be used in the production of biofuels.  All Campers must Bring their lunch

LIGO Science Education Center  
Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory 
Livingston, LA - K-5th grade

This field trip is free to campers (k-3rd). Campers will visit the LIGO Science Education Center in Livingston, LA.  LIGO is an interactive, exhibit-based, science learning center.  Campers will gain exposure to the groundbreaking scientific research facility, be encouraged to interact with the  while having science concepts more accessible. 

NASA Johnston Space Center 
Houston, TX - 6th-8th grade
This field trip is free to campers (4th-8th). Campers will visit the Space Center in Houston.  The center welcomes more than 100,000 teachers and students from around the world visit our center annually to take part in extraordinary learning opportunities. Inspiring young people to choose careers in STEM is one of the outcomes of our program. Parents cannot attend this field trip

Louisiana Art & Science Museum 
K-3rd grade 
This field trip is free to campers (k-3rd). Campers will visit the museum and see the Planetarium Show Magic Tree House: Space Mission and also walk through the Solar System Gallery

Greenwood Community Park-All Campers  
This field trip is free to all campers .  It is one of BREC's largest parks, located on Highway 19 at New Rafe Meyer Road, near the city of Baker. Greenwood Community Park serves a larger geographic area than a neighborhood park and is designed to engage the entire family for a whole day. Campers will enjoy the Playground, Picnic Areas, Recreation Center, and a Spray Pad, 

KNOCK KNOCK Children's Museum-K-3rd
This field trip is filled with hands-on, fun-filled interactive exhibits called “Learning Zones.” Anchored in research and evidence-based practices addressing all areas of development, our Learning Zones are designed to create teachable moments that will connect children’s every day experiences to learning. Knock Knock’s focus is on the development of the whole child with the goal of increasing early literacy skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking)while expanding knowledge and raising interest in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) subjects and careers.

Camp Living Waters  
Loranger, LA-All Campers

This field trip is free to all campers.  Admission for parents is TBA .  Payment is TBA.  Each child MUST have one parent to attend. Bus transportation will be provided for all campers.  Parents who are interested in bus transportation will pay an additional fee TBA. 
This will be a  great field trip!  Campers are encouraged to bring fishing and swim gear.  Food for the entire day will be provided by CLW.  There is absolutely no need to bring additional items (except in the case of special needs.)   Girls are required to wear camp T-shirt on top of .  Boys may wear swim trunks with camp T-shirt.

Prehistoric Park
 Henderson, LA-All Campers

Prehistoric Park is conveniently located in Henderson, Louisiana (St. Martin Parish), just one-quarter mile north of I-10 near Cajun Palms RV Resort. This is Louisiana’s only attraction dedicated to these amazing creatures of years past. 

With approximately 12 acres to explore, you will find yourself wandering amongst some of the most feared predators ever to walk the planet. Prehistoric Park offers a unique, natural setting featuring paved walkways where you will encounter a wide variety of realistic- looking steel and fiberglass dinosaur replicas, including some animated dinosaur exhibits. There will be a concession stand, gift shop and a sandbox with buried bones ready to be discovered by young paleontologists.

Field trips times may change due to unexpected delays from weather and traffic. Also, additional field trips may be added during the course of the camp.