CAMP CEES  - Math, Science, and Reading Summer Enrichment Camp
Registration Begins
April 4, 2018


Camp CEES is starting Summer 2018 off with a Bang! Entering its13th year of Extreme Instruction in STEM areas.
During the 5 week camp, students have an opportunity to participate in several projects that allow them to utilize green science “by , reducing carbon footprints and exploring alternative forms of energy.” A key component of the science program study is engaging students in activities that will help real-life experiences that occur in the environment using 5 key thrusts:
 ·         Renewable vs Non-Renewable Energy
 ·         Utilization of Solar Energy
 ·        The Power and Potential of Wind Energy
 ·        Exploring forms Bio Energy
 ·         Mathematics/Engineering applications to Sustainable Energy
During the 2018 Science Zone, Kids will explore ways to utilize Bio products to produce Energy.