CAMP CEES  - Math, Science, and Reading Summer Enrichment Camp
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MARCH 17, 2017
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Orientation Today!
Camp CEES is starting Summer 2017 off with a Bang! Entering its 12th year of Extreme Instruction in STEM areas.
During the 5 week camp, students have an opportunity to participate in several projects that allow them to utilize green science “by , reducing carbon footprints and exploring alternative forms of energy.” A key component of the science program study is engaging students in activities that will help real-life experiences that occur in the environment using 5 key thrusts:
 ·         Renewable vs Non-Renewable Energy
 ·         Utilization of Solar Energy
 ·        The Power and Potential of Wind Energy
 ·        Exploring forms Bio Energy
 ·         Mathematics/Engineering applications to Sustainable Energy
During the 2017 Science Zone, Kids will explore ways to utilize Bio products to produce Energy.  The 2017 Science Zone is sponsored by The USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, through a collaboration with the LSU Ag Center.